About Kelly McKnight

Kelly McKnight, also known as Sincerely Mama, was born in Los Angeles, California where she now lives with her 3 children and husband Jason. She began her career as a green product consultant, consulting with parents throughout Southern California, helping to guide them throughout their pregnancy and birth on what products were safe and non-toxic. As her clientele grew, she branched out and started Mothers Organic, a Los Angeles based retail store specializing in eco-friendly and non-toxic products for babies and mom.  After years of running Mothers Organic she then decided to turn to the corporate world and work at Ergobaby handling all their events from USA to Canada.  After years of working so closely with pregnant and nursing mothers she found her true calling and decided to become a Certified Doula, Lactation Consultant and Babywearing Educator. She remains focused on organic, non-toxic and natural living which benefits the many families she serves.

Kelly blogs at Sincerely Mama. She also remains active in local and National organizations to remain up to date on the latest practices and products to hit the market for baby and mom. She has been featured in various publications and has been trained by some of the TOP Nationally recognized IBCLC(s) and Doulas.